Becoming a trainee is an underrated career path


It is not always easy to decide what to become when you are young. These days there are many places where one can seek advice and guidance to find their own way into working life. Below we tell you why you should choose to become a trainee. We know countries have different trainee systems/programs, but they all work somewhat similar. We will in this article take a look at the trainee system and opportunities Norway has as an example.


You get to start working quickly!

It is the vocational educations that make young people familiar with working life at an early stage. A standard apprenticeship starts with two years of upper secondary school, followed by two years of apprenticeship. 


Good job opportunities!

Today we are experiencing a situation where birth rates in the western world are declining, which means that in the future we will lack a number of skilled workers. In addition, there is already a shortage of competent professionals in several industries.


Many professions to choose from!

In upper secondary school, there are several choices that lead to different professions. Today, the schools in Norway have 8 vocational programs, which lead to more than 200 professions to choose from. 


You get into the housing market faster!

One who chooses a vocational subject has a better opportunity to establish himself and buy a home than many others. Large student loans have been avoided and paid work has begun faster.


You avoid large student loans!

There are mainly two reasons why the student loan does not become so large when you choose a vocational subject. One reason is that the study itself is shorter, so you have fewer years of loans. The second reason is that when you start learning you get paid.


Sven Thome, CEO of SmartEmploy, one of Norway’s most used businesses which helps people to Søke Læreplass, agrees that avoiding large student loans is one of the best advantages of becoming a trainee. It gives you a financial head start which often lasts for several decades. 


During the apprenticeship, you get paid!

The salary you receive is based on the starting salary of a worker with a trade certificate in the profession in which you are educated, and usually constitutes a percentage of this. Many companies are linked to a collective agreement, and the wage terms for the apprentice are most often specified.


Good for you who wants to start your own business!

Statistics show that we will need many with a vocational background in the future. Some professionals, therefore, choose to start their own business.


Many opportunities for further education!

You can take a supplement to general study competence so that you have the same formal basis as study preparation. You can also walk the Y-road at colleges and universities, which is special higher education for people with a certificate of apprenticeship.


You become solution-oriented and independent!

One with a professional background is able to think practically and becomes good at finding solutions. That sense is developed and it makes it easier to meet everyday challenges.


The picture of opportunities is diverse!

Vocational subjects give you a good and steady start in life, with an early job and income. You will then have a good foundation for further education, or to develop further in the subject you have chosen. It is important to know that with vocational subjects, you have not closed any doors in relation to job and educational opportunities.


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