BTS Tool Kit

Many people are excited about our teaching materials, but don’t know how to take the next step – getting them into the hands of teachers and into the classroom. We are frequently asked such “how to” questions as:

Who should I approach in my local school district?
How can I persuade teachers and administrators to use “Breaking the Silence”?
Where can I get funding for a mental illness education project?

It was in response to these kinds of questions that the “BTS Toolkit: How to Bring Mental Illness Education to Your Community” was born. This step-by-step training manual is full of ideas for making your school outreach project a resounding success. It includes:

BTS background information
Rationale for mental illness education
How to organize and fund a BTS project
How to enlist and train volunteers
Proven strategies for persuading hesitant school personnel
A sample teacher training presentation
The BTS TOOL KIT, How To Bring Mental Illness Education To Your Community, provides proven strategies for successful school outreach. This project was made possible by a grant from the American Psychiatric Foundation.

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